Meet our team

Everyone that is apart of this page is part of the Ryno team. They deserve to have their name out there for all the difficult work they do!


Hello, we are the developers. We add things to the bot :P Fun fact, Ryno was created on 5/5/2018. That's over 2 Years!



Hello, I'm Ryan, and I'm the founder of Ryno. I'm a manager at Dominos Pizza, and I love to code, game, and play piano in my spare time. I used to volunteer firefight for a couple of years too. My journey started years back when I used to play live piano on a website with people. Some good old friends had made scripts for the site in which they gladly gave to me. I knew nothing about coding during that time. When I sat and tried to understand the code I was given, that's when I started diving into the beloved language we call JavaScript.



Who is he? Nobody seems to know that question. Some say he does not talk, but rather analizes the conversations. What does he do? Well, it depends... Discord claims that he plays CSGO and Terraria, but what if that is something to throw us off from actual plans? Open his profile, what do you see? That's right nothing is tied in with his account. All we know is that he is super knowledgable and good at what he does. Nothing stops this man and he will keep going until what he is accomplishing is complete. Thanks for sharding the bot <3

Community Managers

These people are VERY knowledgable and are the admins of all staff members. They help with behind the scenes work such as docs and server settings.

Chucky ♕#1337

Community Manager

Hi everyone, My name is Nathan! You can call me Chucky if you wish. I'm an avid gamer who is highly involved in the Call of Duty Community. In my spare time, I help moderate communities; for example, Doocord, which has 50k+ members, and r/ModernWarfare subreddit with over 811k members. I also work in retail on the side. I am a Trust and Safety Director for an upcoming software development company. If you need help with something, reach out to me, and I can assist you!



Hello everyone, I'm Billy and I'm one of the Community Managers here at RynoBot. I'm based on the Eastern Coast of the United States and have been apart of the RynoBot team since shortly after release. I also spend the majority of my time developing as well. I also work at Papa John's Pizza. I take an innovative and professional approach to all matters of my daily life.



Hello there! My name is Pascalo. I am currently 22 years old and am training as a computer scientist in Germany. In my free time I play the piano, go to the gym or meet my friends. People on Discord call me Pascalo, Pablo or "da german". I really like ice cream, especially oreo.

Support Agents

These are your support agents who will respond to you if you have questions or need help with the bot. Don't be afraid to ask them anything, that's what they are there for.


Support Agent

Hi my name's Liam I'm 18 and I am a member of ryno support. My hobbies include playing guitar and talking to people on discord. When I'm not online I spend my time learning about things to further myself or binge watch shows. I hope you all enjoy the bot



Heya~ I'm Dylan, and I'm a Support Agent for Ryno. I'm trilingual, and proficiently fluent in English, Russian, and Polish. I've also been singing/playing piano for 11 years now, and enjoy it. So much, that I'm currently a Music Composition and Vocal Performance Major at The Curtis Institute of Music. Like music, I've also always had a passion for video games, and coding/a strong sense of community. I love to meet new people, and look forward to helping you all with any issues that may surface~