Easy to setup Discord bot!

Have you ever wanted to have a bot that is fun for all your users in your server? Maybe advanced moderation? How about hosting some kind of event? Introducing Ryno, the all-purpose bot for games, moderating, music, and more! Designed to have one bot manage your Discord server with little to no setup!

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Why Ryno?

Easy Setup

When you first invite Ryno into your server, you will be brought up a welcome message that is sent to the first channel in which everyone can type. The bot is pretty much set up from there. Just allow channels, and create all the log channels within two commands!

Everything  is free!

You have access to every feature of the bot, all for free. We do not think you should have to pay to get extra features. How do we do it? Simply vote for the bot, it helps us so we help you! Sure, if you donate, you get access to everything without voting at all. 

We Listen

If you have a problem, we will fix it. Want something added, we will add it! There are many ways to contact us! Ryno can't be where it is as right now without your help. This is why we care for the community because this bot is the community.

Dashboard Free

We understand that some people do not like logging into websites. That's why we work hard to implement smart ways to control the bot without using a dashboard. For the people that want a panel, we get it, just hold tight.

What does it offer?


There are TONS of commands available for moderation. All the essential commands on top of many valuable commands are in the bot? Now it is and all for free! You can list all moderation commands using the command .help moderation.


Enjoy all commands without paying anything! Ryno has all the critical controls needed for music. Seek, lyrics, playlist, etc... Ryno support many platforms outside of YouTube. Not to mention the messages look good. Oh, and did we mention you can .download too!

Server Logging

Logging your server got easier! .setup logs If you want to fine-tune what you should log, use the command .serverlogs or .stoplog to stop that channel from logging. That's it! It's that easy! It takes less than 30 seconds to start logging everything!

Economy Game

Battle against people to fight for the #1 spot or become friends with people and try to get to the top on our global leaderboard. This is also great to keep your server busy. Just make sure you get a shield to prevent those thieves from stealing your stuff. Go ahead and explore them now! Have fun.


Have you ever wanted to host some events that would get your server to come together and participate? Ryno can help you keep things organized with its event commands. You will be able to find them by using .help events.

Filter words

Want to keep your server safe, clean, perhaps block profanity? How about stopping certain words from being said during a raid? You can do all that using a specific command .block!


You can get notified when someone says your customized trigger word! Have you ever wanted to get notified when someone says your name or simply want to know what people say about you? Use the command .highlight to get started!


Are you tired of repeating yourself repeatedly but want an excellent way to display a detailed message? How about using one command to show it all? Introducing snippets! Create your own custom snippets now! Use .snippet to get started.

Self Assignable Roles

Let your community of people decide what role they should have. To add roles to the self-assignable list, use .assignrole. For your members, they can select the role they want by using the .iam command. To display all the roles in your server, use the command .listroles.

NSFW Commands

Umm... yeah. Ryno has NSFW commands too, but it's not its main feature. The commands here are pretty basic, but hey, you guys asked for it, so here it is. If you want more added, let us know by using the command .suggest.