Have you ever wanted to have a bot that is fun for all your users in your server? Maybe advanced moderation? How about hosting some kind of event? Introducing Ryno, the all-purpose bot for games, moderating, music, and more! Designed to have one bot manage your Discord server!



Simple moderation for your servers such as server logs, mod logs, timed mutes, advanced purge command, auto role, assignable roles, and more.


Listen to music with all your friends with either YouTube, linked audio files, and even audio files from your computer. Enjoy the ability to download the files and even pull up the lyrics.

Event Hosting

Do you host events like comunnity or comedy nights? Now you can have an organized queue system to make events run smoothly and never forget who is coming up next.

Many More

Ryno has lots more features such as a currency game, nsfw and more always being added! Have an idea and want to share with us? Join our Discord server and share it here or simply use .request


Setting up logs in your server is super easy and takes less than a minute!
It's as simple as three things.
1. Use the command .setup logs.
2. Control what logs with the command .serverlogs
3. Enjoy!


Moderating a server could not have been easier. Use simple to use commands such as: warn, kick, ban, unban, mute, and even unmute!

Check moderation logs with one command: .modlogs
Tagging a mod displays all cases the mod has done in the server.
Tagging a user displays what the user has racked up.

Ryno also features auto roles for when a user joins your server. Enjoy the simplicity of not giving users a role upon arriving on your server.

You thought that was all? Try checking up on our self assignable roles! By using the command .assignrole @Role, you gave regular user access to assign that role to themselves. All they have to do is .iam @role


Ryno comes with music with support to many platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more!

Quickly pull up lyrics directly from the bot while knowing it's not going to spam your chat as everything is in one single embed with easy to use controls.

Do you like your queue you just made? Enjoy the free playlist command where you can save, load, and delete your playlist. Not interested in that? Then load a playlist directly from YouTube!

Want to listen to music offline? Simply use the command .download to download the current playing song.